domingo, 4 de março de 2018

Timpo Toys Western Series 1970's

I play with them in my youth. After more than 30 years I find them. Here they are:

Timpo Toys - Made in Britain 1970's Cowboy - American Old Farewest Series. This set is no longer in my hands. Was sell.

sábado, 10 de fevereiro de 2018

Custom 1/6 Scale WWII Western Front 1944 – Schütze "Karl"

This a new WIP (work in progress) figure representing a Wehrmacht Grenadier Soldier in the Western Front - France in 1944 armed with a Stielgranate 41, a Kar98 and a Panzerfaust 60. I use all of my spare equipment available to look like a soldier in that year. Was the kind of set that was use by the Wehrmacht in Normandy.

Is a DID body: Karl Stroop (Feldgendarmerie DID 001102) and have mixes of equipment and uniform from Dragon DID and 21st Century.

What I like more in this scale is that I can mess around with figures, equipment and uniforms to have the most possible perfect custom:

sábado, 20 de janeiro de 2018

Custom 1/6 Scale Figure Schütze Mann from SS Totenkopf Division

This is a old DID (Dragon in Dreams) body (Herbert Zeller) with Dragon uniform, boots and other equipment, DID Y Straps Ultimate and Soldier-21st Century Toys equipment. Most of The equipment including the helmet was repainted too look more realistic. The MP40 is metal and also was repainted.

This is a figure that I was updating over the time as I have new things or ideias to use on it. So looks like is some how finished for now. The last update was Dragon Jack Boots and ensignias: Close combat badge and 2º Clase Iron Cross Ribon. I try to have it look like a badass...

Here are some photos with the result (new pictures added in 10/02/18):

quarta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2018

Dragon – 1/6 Scale WWII Western Front 1944 – Schütze "Peck"

This is my first 2018 action figure. Is a custom Dragon 1/6 Scale – New Generation Life Action Figures Series – WWII Western Front 1944 – Schütze ("rifleman" or "shooter") "Peck" from unknow Wehrmacht unit.

This figure is originaly a body and head sculpt from Peck a Dragon pack of Hunt and Peck, 1/6 US Army M1919 Machine Gun Team Two-Pack, Dragon 70214. Is head have the number 347.

For now is a German Schütze and goes to customs. Here goes some preliminary pictures and info:

sábado, 30 de dezembro de 2017

Planet Boy - BB-8 - 2.4GHz RC Robot Ball

A 2017 Christmas present. Its a Hasbro's BB-8 chinese clone. The BB-8 was a fictional BB-series astromech from the Star Wars space opera. It appears  in the 2015 Star Wars: The Force Awakens and 2017 Star Wars: The Last Jedi films. This is a toy version of the BB-8.

A video:

Some pictures:

domingo, 17 de dezembro de 2017

Dragon – 1/6 Scale WWII Kharkov 1943 – Grenadier Machine Gunner Otto

This is a Dragon 1/6 Scale – New Generation Life Action Figures Series – Item No. 70010 – WWII Kharkov 1943 – Grenadier Machine Gunner (Schütze) Otto Bonn from the Totenkopf SS Division.

This figure includes originaly a MG42 but I was unable to have one so I use a MG34. Then this goes custom. The equipment was weathered and repainted to look more realistic. including the MG34. He uses a Parka known as "Kharkov Parka" because it was first used by the Waffen SS Division around the Kharkov area. The helmet was painted with snow camouflage. Its a WIP so it will be updated. Here goes some pictures and info:

sábado, 16 de dezembro de 2017

1/6 Scale DID - Karl Stroop - Luftwaffe Field Troop - Geifreiter - WIP

This a 1/6 Scale DID (Dragon in Dreams) body of Karl Stroop (Feldgendarmerie DID 001102). The uniform is Dragon and the helmet is metalic. Now is a costumized Luftwaffe Flak anti aircraft gunner on sentinel duty - Geifreiter (1st Class Soldier) in WIP mode. I hope soon to have updates on it:

Peter 1/6 Scale German Wehrmacht Soldier - 1944 Eastern Front

This a BBI body (Peter Keyes) with Dragon, 21st Toys and DID gear and 21st Toys uniform. Its a custom figure representing a Germam Wehrmacht Soldier in the Eastern Front in the winter of 1944. Its armed with a KAR98 and Panzerfaust 60.