domingo, 25 de junho de 2017

WIP - Funker Otto 1/6 scale

Funker Otto is a Work in Progress (WIP). I made the table and the chair. Then I use Otto as a Funker (radio operator). Here goes some photos.

sábado, 17 de junho de 2017

My 1/6 Scale Waffen SS troops

My passion for 1/6 scale is goind "crazy" I want more! For now I only collect German WW2 figures but I also want others :) This is my Waffen SS figures:

From left: Dragon - Otto, Dragon - Kurt and BBI - Peter

terça-feira, 13 de junho de 2017

1/6 Scale - Toys City - German Radio Set

I have a new accessory for my 1/6 collection a Toys City - German Radio Set. Is a rare piece and is very fragile but is also is a nice piece of work. Here goes some pictures:

domingo, 4 de junho de 2017

Peter 1/6 Scale German Waffen SS Soldier - 1944 Eastern Front

This a BBI body (Peter Keyes) with DID gear Dragon and 21st Toys uniform. Its a custom figure representing a Germam Waffen SS Soldier in the Eastern Front during the winter of 1944. Its armed with a Panzerfaust:

quinta-feira, 1 de junho de 2017

Custom 1/6 Scale Figure Schütze Mann from SS Totenkopf Division - FINISHED

Is finished for now. I still need a better boots...

Is a old DID (Dragon in Dreams) body (Herbert Zeller) with Dragon uniform, Geyper Man boots Ultimate Soldier and 21st Century Toys equipment. The equipment including the helmet was repainted too look more realistic. The MP40 is also metal and also was repainted.

The hands was not from the original body because the original ones was damaged.

Here are some photos:

domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Dragon 1/6 Scale Sturmbannführer Kurt Meyer (panzermeyer) Mariupol 1941

This a Dragon 1/6 scale figure representing Kurt Meyer nicknamed Panzermeyer. The figure doesn't look like Kurt Meyer itself, but is a nice piece of art. A Waffen SS Sturmbannführer (Major) with all the war decorations used by Panzermeyer in that time in Mariupol 1941. The figure includes a over coat that I don't find a nice use for it, so it goes without it:

Dragon – 1/6 Scale WWII Kharkov 1943 – Grenadier Machine Gunner Otto

This is a Dragon 1/6 Scale – New Generation Life Action Figures Series – Item No. 70010 – WWII Kharkov 1943 – Grenadier Machine Gunner (Schütze) Otto Bonn from the Totenkopf SS Division.

This figure includes originaly a MG42 but I was unable to have one so I use a MG34. Then this goes custom. The wire in the helmet is also custom. Here goes some pictures and info: