domingo, 21 de maio de 2017

Dragon 1/6 Scale Sturmbannführer Kurt Meyer (panzermeyer) Mariupol 1941

This a Dragon 1/6 scale figure representing Kurt Meyer nicknamed Panzermeyer. The figure doesn't look like Kurt Meyer itself, but is a nice piece of art. A Waffen SS Sturmbannführer (Major) with all the war decorations used by Panzermeyer in that time in Mariupol 1941. The figure includes a over coat that I don't find a nice use for it, so it goes without it:

Dragon – 1/6 Scale WWII Kharkov 1943 – Grenadier Machine Gunner Otto

This is a Dragon 1/6 Scale – New Generation Life Action Figures Series – Item No. 70010 – WWII Kharkov 1943 – Grenadier Machine Gunner (Schütze) Otto Bonn from the Totenkopf SS Division.

This figure includes originaly a MG42 but I was unable to have one so I use a MG34. Then this goes custom. The wire in the helmet is also custom. Here goes some pictures and info:

sexta-feira, 19 de maio de 2017

Custom 1/6 Scale Figure Schütze Mann from SS Totenkopf Division

This is a custom 1/6 scale figure to represent a Schütze Mann (soldier) from SS from SS Totenkopf Division.

Is a old DID (Dragon in Dreams) body with Dragon uniform, Geyper Man boots and Ultimate Soldier equipment. Is under constrution. More things will be added and substituted the equipment will be repainted to give a more natural effect. Here ar some pictures of the current stage:

quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017


My tastes are going to 1/6 scale figures. So I have more 3 new friends that arrive today. Full description and better pictures soon.

sábado, 13 de maio de 2017

AFRIKA KORPS NCO SQUAD LEADER - 1/6 Feldwebel Egon Metzler. From Dragon

My new friend. Deutsches Afrikakorps NCO Squad Leader, Feldwebel Egon Metzler. From Dragon 2001.

Made by Dragon Models Limited (DML) item number 70112 in 2001, this a 1/6 action figure. A NCO Squad Leader from Deutshes Afrikakorps (DAK) in North Africa 1942.

This is a fully equiped figure with standard tropical uniform and equipment used by the DAK. Searching over the internet I found no one having one of these. Only found in Ebay and another online stores for selling. Why? Is a very nice figure. Here goes the pictures:

segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

AFRIKA KORPS Plastic Soldiers 1/72 from Heller

This is a 48 set of Afrika Korps plastic solders at 1/72 scale from Heller, Made in France. Looks like te same mold that was used by Airifix. The quality is normal for this scale. I dont like the gray plastic color.

Here are some pictures:

domingo, 30 de abril de 2017

1/6 Scale metal MP40 repainted

This is a MP40 (Maschinenpistole 40) for 1/6 scale Action Figures, in full metal.

I dont like the original paint of this MP40. So I decided to repaint it. The ideia was to give her a more natural steel look. I dont know the manufactured of this MP40. Here are the results: